At Eclipse we look to establish connections with organizations that share our vision for the importance and power of giving back and helping others. Our first club wide event took place the week of February 1st and it was a work service project for Smile Network International. We paired our older teams with our younger teams and they tied fleece blankets that will be donated and sent on Mission trips for children undergoing reconstructive surgery in developing countries. Our athletes seemed to grasp and show an interest in what they were for and the cause they were supporting. In addition they each wrote a note of positivity and hope for the families receiving the blankets. It was inspiring to watch and listen to the groups working together. 

The ability to make a difference in another persons life is a powerful concept, and part of the culture that we believe is so vital within the Eclipse family. This is the first of hopefully many work service projects that our teams and athletes are exposed to. 

It was a special week! Here are a few pictures of the event.