The Eclipse Select Elite College Assistance Program (CAP) is designed to ensure all of our players who are interested in pursuing college soccer, regardless of the level, can receive the necessary information to guide them through this challenging process.  The CAP program is designed by Eclipse Select MN and implements years of experience to bring together one of the most unique and fully developed programs in club soccer.  We pride ourselves in assisting players finding the right college fit towards a bright future and many life long success stories!  

Spearheaded by Forrest Randall, with the support of all of the Eclipse Select coaches and their networks, Eclipse Select's CAP is unique in its design and function of helping families understand and appreciate the college recruiting process, while positioning their child to choose a school for the right reasons.

Eclipse Select's staff has a large network of college connections, based on years of college placement across the United States.

The Eclipse Select College Assistance Program includes the following services. 

  • Kickoff meeting with an in-depth look at the process, timelines, trends, things to consider, layout of our program and more
  • 3 additional meetings after the kickoff meeting
    • 1st - Small group 
    • 2nd - Individual
    • 3rd - Individual 
    • Assistance by request for additional support in the process for players driving the process forward and being proactive
  • Advanced college assistance template for tracking process individually for your player
    • Continuous check-ins from the CAP program Director and feedback
    • Driving force of everything to move the process forward 
  • Coach and CAP Director working together pre/post events for your player
  • Club tracking process for players engaging in their search and providing connections with college coaches when appropriate 
  • Additional online programs suggested to support the college search process